Our Services

Before we do anything else, we hook you up with our dynamic founder, award-winning healthcare marketing expert Katie Toomey and together you will work out which of her services is best for you.

There will be no more guesswork: Katie will take the stress out of getting your marketing right.

If you have a plan you think is the bee’s knees, but don’t know how to get it going, you can meet with Katie and she can provide you with introductions to experts who can implement it for you. No more chasing your tail and trialling untested providers: you’ll find the doors are open to some of the best in their field.

For example, we will refer you on to people who will help you:

Katie Toomey, Neon Reindeer Marketing

Marketing Packages

Katie has put together 3 bundles of marketing goodness that will really send your marketing into overdrive. You can choose which of these best suits where you and your business are at.

There are:

Neon Reindeer Marketing, Marketing Packages

1-1 Marketing Mentoring

This is a business transformation program designed to take you from guessing to knowing how to effectively market your business in a sustainable way.

It involves a 3-stage process that will take you:

  • From fluffy to bang-on messaging
  • From overwhelmed to a well-oiled machine with an optimised online presence
  • From random to methodical and ongoing lead generation.

This is typically a 4-month program.

Think of it like a personal trainer – Neon Reindeer Marketing has the know-how, strategy, templates and frameworks for you, and so long as you show up and do the work, you’ll not only get amazing results, plus you’ll also know how and why you did it so you can do it again.

We have the frameworks – do you have the will-power to go from haphazard to laser-focus marketing?

Marketing Consulting

Short and snappy ‘GP-like appointments’ for quick fixes and recommendations.

An hour-long ‘specialist-like appointment’ for diagnostic, strategy, planning, or measuring consults.

Member Programs

Group Mentoring Program

This is an online group mentoring program for small businesses who:

  • Want to talk with a real person about a challenge and get their advice (rather than a ‘bot’ or having to do an online course)
  • See the benefit of hearing other people’s challenges and solutions (because chances are you’ll have them too)
  • Need a cost-effective solution for ongoing mentoring.

Neon Reindeer Marketing, Member Programs

Business Growth Events

These run throughout the year and are tailored around the issues most pressing to Neon Reindeer’s current client base.

Marketing Connections

If we believe you need a different specialist marketer – we will provide you with suggestions.