Be a Well Business Group Mentoring Program

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Within 90 days we will help you work out exactly what your business needs to grow by 20%.

What is the Group Mentoring Program?

  • It’s like having an MBA in your pocket.
  • This is an online program for small business start-ups who want to talk to experienced business mentors about ways to grow their businesses.

Why a mentor program?

A mentor is an expert at something, and quite different to a coach. Mentors can look at your problem and using their 10 years+ experience say, ‘I’ve seen this before, here are some options for tackling it, and here’s how you go about doing it’.

Why live meetings?

There are lots of online courses around these days that give you course materials that can simply add to your to-do list. This program is different – it’s about real people talking to real people about real problems.

When is it on?

What is included?

  • Fortnightly virtual meetings. Dial up from wherever you are.
  • Each meeting includes an online group discussion around a particular aspect of growing your business. Members can send in suggestions/request in advance or raise them in the meeting.
  • Meetings will be led by Katie Toomey (Founder and Director of Neon Reindeer Marketing). For some meetings, Katie will be the ‘expert’ and take questions from the group, and at other times there will be a guest expert.
  • Topics will not necessarily be limited to marketing. Topics may change dependent on the needs raised by the group.
  • Discounts on some services offered by Neon Reindeer Marketing, including:
    • 15% reduction in project work done with Neon Reindeer Marketing***
    • 10% reduction in Katie’s Marketing Mastery 4 month 1-1 Mentoring program. ***

What does it cost?

Less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee is the answer!

  • Introductory price = $60 per month (ex GST).

Can I cancel?

  • Yes. You can cancel at any time. See our Refund Policy for more details.

How do I sign up?

Simply Signup online!

* Unforeseen circumstances may mean a meeting needs to be cancelled/ postponed. Neon Reindeer Marketing reserves the right to make these changes at any time.