Working websites

We believe ‘Working websites’ fall into 3 categories

1. Ones that perform tasks. They ‘take’ users on a path that leads to your defined call to action. This could be to ‘call’ you, or download information like an e-book or watch a webinar or video of you explaining something, or actually make and appointment online. This is a ‘call-to-action’ methodology – and does your website have it?

2. They are written to cater for people at different stages in the buyer-journey. Is yours?

a. This means that some of the information/ functionality appeals to those in the ‘awareness’ stage – who are just scoping things out and you come up on their radar. Your social presence can really help here.

b. Those ‘researching seriously’ now may prefer to download information or watch something on a specific topic.

c. Those who know they want to purchase now but are deciding on who from are interested in case studies, testimonials, videos of you in action amongst other things, comments and shares from others on social media.

d. And then there are those at decision time – and it’s about getting them to ‘make that appointment’ with you in the easiest way possible, and then feel good about having done so.

3. There are also usability factors these days that make websites actually work for you because they make the user experience easy and pleasurable. How do you rate on key usability factors such as:

a. Load time speed

b. Optimised to work on mobiles and tablets (ie. are ‘responsive’)?

If you are a health service provider, and you are NOT providing online customers the ability to make bookings themselves online, then you are missing out on customers. Of course, some people prefer to call you, so you still need this option. However, as everyone’s lives get more complicated, and we all become accustomed to using smart devices to manage our calendars, people will GO WHEREVER THEY CAN BOOK IN AS THEY WISH TO.

I will give you a personal story to make this real to you. My local pilates centre, beautician, doctor (general practitioner), physiotherapist and dentist all allow me to do this. I’m considering changes GP, and my non-negotiable criteria are:

  • Female
  • Within 10 kms
  • allows me to book online.

Is your website ticking these boxes?