Specialised Healthcare Marketing

Do you run a clinic or service and want to have an online presence so people can see what you do?

You may offer products as well as a service, like hearing aids or glasses, or different types of treatment like invisible braces, orthotic shoes etc?

The marketing I recommend is different for different specialty areas because your patient needs, wants and communications are different.

There’s no one-style fits all with me. However, there is one thing for sure:

Gone are the days where an ad in the paper or a mail-box drop was enough.

Your online presence needs to position you as a clinician keeping up with the modern world. To the public, it communicates that you are keeping up. How can you expect people to believe you are offering high quality service with clinical expertise at the forefront of what is possible, if your website looks outdated or isn’t there at all?

And don’t be fooled into thinking your patients aren’t on social media so you don’t need to do that. Australian research proves it.

And this needs to be a primary channel for you to communicate with them. If you do this, you develop and maintain a relationship bond with them that means it is harder for competition to attract them.

In some of these areas, competition is high, particularly when you are an independent provider and your competition is part of a chain.

I have years of experience marketing in this space and can help you be smart about your marketing.