Social Media

Social Media, including but not limited to Facebook: You can’t avoid it any longer!

This isn’t instant; it’s about the long-game. Are you in business for the long-game?

Below are the 2017 Facebook usage numbers for both Australia and New Zealand. Think about the age of your customers.

I know many of you know this – but you’re just not sure what to do.

You may have also heard about changes to Facebook recently. These changes affect the ‘organic’ or ‘free’ posts. Well yes, there have been changes, and these changes mean that how users ‘engage’ (ie. share/comment. This means you can’t simply create or share a post and expect that it will come up early in someone’s newsfeed. It has to be good enough to get ‘engagement’. And things are weighted toward family and friends. However, the more ‘engagement’ you, as a health service provider get, the more likely you are to feature early. This means having engagement worthy content. And video will be prioritised.

More than ever, it will be important to have someone with skills helping you with content.

And, facebook advertising is still there to stay. More businesses will now be using this, given the recent changes, so again, it’s so important to plan, prepare, measure, analyse and revise you social media in an ongoing basis. If you spend money on advertising, you want to know how it is performing and maximise it.

There’s also Instagram to consider – a strongly growing ‘visual’ and personality driven platform. Instagram is especially relevant for optometrists and dentists when talking about how things ‘look’. Get users attention with great visuals and instantly send them through to the relevant page on your website and BAM! They know about you. Do it repeatedly and you become top of mind when they are considering where to go. Make your brand shine with what’s unique and special about you, and if that’s important to your audience, they’ll chose you over the other business who’s not connected with them. This isn’t instant; it’s about the long-game. Are you in business for the long-game?

We can help you:

  • Create and post content
  • Manage advertising
  • Provide you with specialised social media tracking reports so you can see how your own media is working for you, as well as that of your competitors
  • Use this information to understand your potential new leads better, as well as your own customers
  • ‘Manage’ comments – on behalf of you, based on a social media policy approved by you.

Do you know how to set up, plan, create and manage new content on your social media pages? We do.

Do you know how to run campaigns and assess their effectiveness? We do.

Do you know how to manage awkward comments that come up? We do.