SEO so you get found.

SEO is a foundation pillar for your website if your business relies on people searching for information or choice of providers. Corporate groups are now sophisticated in how they optimise their website for social media,and are able to spend a lot on adwords. This can make it hard for independent health providers to find an edge. Long-tail keywords can be your edge here. These are keywords or phrases that are unique to what you provide (perhaps because of your location, perhaps because you are independent small business, perhaps because …… and the list goes on) – and are the very thing someone is looking for. This means you rank higher when someone types in a narrower search term that is similar to the keywords you are using. The overall number of people coming to your website may lower, but their conversion rate (ie. they make and apt) can behigher. Why? Because you’re just they type of service they were looking for.

For example – if you are an independent optometrist, and you sell fashion frames from locations you know the chains don’t, or sell brands and styles others don’t. Then use your keywords to tell people that. Terms like: edgy, cool, European, rare, statement piece eyewear are good because people will use these terms when looking for somewhere to go that stocks these. For any type of independent health provider, location can be important but chains have worked out how to come up in searches even when they aren’t there. However, consider unique things only locals know about location, like ‘near the water fountain’ or there may be others in your local area, but are there others with ‘easy parking’, then consider using these in your keywords. If you speak other languages and so does your customer base – consider putting this in as a keyword.l (Note – it’s important to do keyword research to find out what these terms should be).

We can:

  • Conduct an SEO audit of your website
  • Implement changes in SEO for you
  • Advise you on ways to use social media to contribute to your SEO.