Google Analytics

Google Analytics – without it you’re flying blind

As a health provider in New Zealand and Australia, you use tests and physically ‘look’ at your patients and their eyes, teeth, ears, feet (the list goes on), in order to inform your diagnosis and treatment decisions.

As a website owner, google analytics is there to test your website, keyword, social and other marketing activities, help you diagnose issues, and then come up with a treatment plan. Over and over again.

It’s free. But it does require some expertise to review and interpret the results. Just like the role you play as a health service for your patients or clients.

Once you have your analytics set up properly, with clearly defined goals that can be measure and reported on, life really does get a lot easier!

You can then measure:

  • How people find their way to your website (via social media, or search, or other)
  • What they do on your website
  • What percentage convert and kick one of your goals (like book an appointment online (if you have this capability on your website, and we strongly recommend you do!)

Once you measure it, period by period, you can continue with the things that are working, and review what’s not doing as well as you hoped.

We can:

  • Set up your analytics to measure your specific and personal goals for your website (ie. it’s completely customisable – like hearing aids, glasses and dental treatments are individual and personalised by the way)
  • Provide you with monthly or quarterly reports – and explain them to you
  • Use these reports to recommend changes to your website or other marketing activities
  • Implement these changes (if we are looking after the above), or liaise with your providers if we aren’t.