Marketing Mix Essentials

Google Analytics

Once you have your analytics set up properly, with clearly defined goals that can be measure and reported on, life really does get a lot easier!

Social Media

Social Media, including but not limited to Facebook: You can’t avoid it any longer!

Working Websites

Does your website perform a task? Is it written to cater for people at different stages in the buyer-journey? Is it responsive?


Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a foundation pillar for your website if your business relies on people searching for information or choice of providers.

Healthcare Marketing

Do you run a clinic or service and want to have an online presence so people can see what you do?


Brand work – your foundation pillar against competitors. That’s right – this is where it really is, ‘all about you’.


Winning at something requires a game-plan, it doesn’t just happen. That’s a given. So it is with content – across all your touchpoints.